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History of Online Pokies

American Charles Fey made the world's first slot machine. Fey's device was a very basic game known as the Liberty Bell and it became an overnight success. The first slot machines to reach the Land Down Under arrived on Australia's shores in the early 20th century. They were immensely popular among gamers -- despite their illegality. In the early 1950s, an Australia-based firm called Aristocrat foresaw the slot machine industry as a major future craze. This led to the development the development of its first game called the "Clubman" that a man named Joe Heywood designed. Aristocart's Clubmaster was introduced two years later as the Clubman's replacement. Just one year later, the NSW government made gaming devices legal, provided they were located in registered clubs. This fateful decision permanently altered the face of gaming in Australia and all over the world. Pokies were an instant hit among players, although all the games of that time were very basic. Internal lights became standard fixtures in the games several years later. Nothing about the games changed very much over the next few decades. All of them continued to feature three spinning reels and one, three, or five pay lines. By today's measure, jackpots were modest and player interactivity was virtually non-existent as a gambler could only pull the handle and wait for the reels to stop. The first video slots did not appear until the mid 1980s. Those devices represented the biggest gaming innovation since Charles Fey's invention decades before. The new games had five reels, many more pay lines, and featured extra chances to win via features like free spins. Nowadays, your specific geographical location has become completely irrelevant. Pokies are among the most popular gaming devices in the whole world -- no matter where in the world you might find yourself! Even better is that you may now enjoy the pleasure of playing them from anywhere that an Internet connection is available.

Emergent Trends

The future appears to be optimistic for both the gaming industry and players seeking the enjoyment of these games. We have recently witnessed an increasing amount of complexity among bonus games and the number of reels and lines never seem to stop rising. IGT, for example, has introduced a new line of 6-reel and 20-reel machines. How did the term "pokies" originate? Although the precise date of the term's first usage is unknown, the word is now the universal name of Australian video slots. Pub and casino ads virtually always refer to these games as "pokies." Its initial emergency can be traced back to the time when clubs and pubs featured both video pokies and slots. Back then, the common name for both gaming devices was "poker machines. Hence, as with most slang, the term is probably an abbreviated form of statements like "I am off to the club to play pokies." It is quite interesting that only Australians use the word, while everywhere else in the world they are still called "slot machines" or "slots."

Why Play Free Pokies Online?

By now, you are probably wondering what motivates people to play pokies online rather than a live casino. Below are just a handful of persuasive points in favour for playing online pokies:

Bigger payouts

Online pokies payout percentages are far higher than those of brick and mortar casinos. In most cases, you may even calculate payoff percentages of roughly 80 to 85 percent at your local pokie. Online pokies in Australia typically return overall payouts of about 95 to 97 percent. Thus, you receive much more gaming value for your hard-earned cash.


Gamers who opt to play pokies online enjoy much more generous comps than their land-based colleagues do. This is particularly true for those who register with online pokies that offer high money-matching welcome bonuses. Even more cash comps are available for frequent and/or long-playing customers. These additional loyalty bonuses enhance both your bankroll and playing pleasure to a considerable extent.


Online Australia pokies offer astronomically high jackpots. This is especially true for virtual progressive pokies games wherein dozens or hundreds of games all over the world are linked into a common jackpot fund. It is quite common for such jackpots to start at seven figures and grow from there! The best news is that you actually have decent odds of winning such a beaut. In fact, your chances of striking it rich with a progressive online pokies jackpot are about a thousand times greater than winning the lotto! Loyalty incentives in all online pokies Australia listed herein are among the best in the industry. We made sure of it, as this was a main requirement for inclusion on our featured list. Indeed, many of these virtual pokies venues include ultra-fabulous comps like pleasure voyages on major cruise lines and site staff whose only role is galloping the globe to pamper VIP players. The above points are just a few persuasive points in favour of playing pokies online instead of local clubs, pubs, or gambling halls. At this point, online safety and security are the foremost thoughts in many readers' minds. Fortunately, we have done all the grunt work to ensure that every Australia online pokies casino that we feature is completely reputable and trustworthy. All have been in business for at least 10 years and are large enterprises with hundreds of employees. Thus, you may rest assured of 24/7/365 Customer Support access and rapid, secure funds transfer transaction processing. All virtual pokies venues featured herein utilize the latest cutting-edge data encryption technologies to guarantee that your personal and financial details remain yours alone. Much recent hype and hoopla about online pokies legality and security is just a bunch of smoke and mirrors that reflect absolutely no truth at all. The very rare scammers who set up bogus online pokies sites during the industry's infancy have been long since caught and stopped. The immense popularity of today's online pokies bears mute but obvious positive proof of the legitimacy and quality of reputable gaming sites. Reputable online casino businesses are well-run operations and most have been around for over a decade. The primary point to keep firmly in mind when looking to play pokies online is to deal only with virtual casinos that utilise well-known reliable software that is externally monitored. You cannot go wrong by consistently following this rule of thumb.

The Benefits of Playing Free Online Pokies

Several major online gambling advantages exist for those who opt to play pokies via the Internet instead of a brick and mortar gaming establishment. This Article explains some of these benefits, which include:

Anytime play

In stark contrast to wagering within local clubs, pubs, and physical gambling halls, you may play online pokies any time you desire, irrespective of the time of night or day when the urge may strike. This also creates the option to play for just a few minutes or for several hours, as you do not have to consider lengthy commutes or establishments' business hours.

Anywhere play

Another one of the primary online gambling advantages is the ability to play your favourite pokies from any location where an Internet connection exists. You thereby get complete control over your general gaming environment and may do anything else you choose without being distracted by your fellow players or limited by logistical concerns. Thus, you may get up between spins to change your baby's diaper or commence a playing session in your pajamas without using a single drop of expensive petro to do so.

Greater game selection

Every one of our featured online casino pokies offer a minimum of 100 different poker games and a few offer several hundred selections for virtual pokies players Australia. Thus, you have a broad array of game titles from which to choose. Moreover, you can opt to play other popular casino games like blackjack, roulette, keno, and video poker.

More betting options

Australia pokies online allow a much broader range of bets than their land-based competitors. For instance, most online pokies games allow a minimum bet of 1 cent, while the maximum per-spin bet for the same game may be 100 dollars or more. In addition, you can easily change your bet amounts without disrupting your in-progress game.

Larger jackpots

Pokies online also offer much bigger and more frequent jackpots. Games in the Micrgogaming Progressive Network, for example, never have jackpots below $1,500,000. Online pokies progressive jackpots may be much higher than this, however. Indeed, during just the last few years, several fortunate players have won jackpots in excess of $5,000,000!

Higher payback percentages

Pokies online usually offer much better average payouts than conventional poker machines, as virtual gaming operators have much lower overhead costs. This financial phenomenon makes payback percentages of 97 percent or higher commonplace throughout the online gambling industry.

Promotions and bonuses

Exceptional player promos and generous bonuses are freely available in each of our featured online casino pokies sites. Free money equal to your initial deposit (up to a maximum limit) is only the beginning of these beautiful rewards. Next comes VIP and loyalty points accompanied by exclusive promotional offers. Bonus points for frequent and extended playing sessions are convertible to hard cash.

Better budgetary control

Each online pokies casino we feature let you establish deposit limits per day, week, or month. This greatly facilitates your money management efforts by ensuring that you never exceed your pre-established budgetary boundaries while playing pokies online.

New online pokies

The excitement of wagering hard cash on the spin of virtual pokies reels or the roll of a pair of electronic dice is the attraction that draws drovers of players to new online pokies Australia every day. The particular amount of your wager is not what counts and you must never bet more than you can stand to lose whenever you play real-money virtual pokies. Being sure to play only in reputable new online Australia pokies is crucial, however. Not to worry, though, as every one of our featured online pokies has been thoroughly reviewed, accurately rated, and determined to be of the highest caliber. You may now have many firsthand thrills by playing in one of our recommended virtual venues that offer:
  • Betting stakes to fit all budgets
  • Huge sign-up bonuses for newcomers
  • Quick and secure withdrawal and deposit options
  • Multi-million dollar jackpots for real money play

No download free pokies

No download pokies are ideal for those who prefer not to download software onto their PCs. These types of software programs allow you to enjoy your favourite Australian online pokies games right from your browser, thereby freeing up precious RAM in your PC for other tasks. This feature varies greatly among no download pokies Australia, however. Many no download pokies Australia offer limited game selections and/or have inadequate security. Consequently, we scoured several dozen no download pokies Australia sites to make certain that all of our featured online pokies are truly the "bee's knees." Our teams of expert reviewers and thorough evaluators have laboriously searched Cyberspace with much diligence in order to locate and present you with a complete listing of the best no download pokies, all of which offer:
  • An extensive variety of download-free pokies that you may play right from your browser
  • 24/7/365 customer support availability
  • Simplified deposit methods that are also secure and fast to let you get in on the action quickly
  • Dependable, fast user interfaces with the highest sound and graphical-quality
  • No download Australian pokies
Browser-based online pokies games in Australia have an abundance of nice features. Moreover, their betting options and overall graphics quality are comparable to those of Australia downloadable online pokies. Perhaps the primary benefit is that they all enable you to attain -- and retain -- complete control over all your online pokies games. "No download" online pokies denote the capability to play directly inside your browser, most often via Flash-enabled software. This is actually a very good thing because it allows you to take all of your favourite online pokies Australia games along with you to anywhere in the country that you may choose to roam. Mac owners who like Web-based pokies will be very glad to learn about this attribute of no download online pokies. Whenever you see the phrase "no download required," it means that you need not worry over Mac compatibility matters, as you may freely play at all no download online pokies for Australia players.

No download required online pokies

Good game variety is just as importance as convenience. Keep in mind that Australian no download pokies are like conventional pokies in all respects. Thus, no precautionary agro saves are necessary when you play real-money online pokies. Never save any passwords on public PCs and be cautious when entering personal information via public networks while playing no download casino games online. We reviewed several criteria to identify and present you with Australia's best no download online pokies. Although no software installation is required, you must still register with a site. Therefore, we have verified that every one of our featured no download online pokies offer some hefty newcomer bonuses. Game variety is another factor of high significance. All Australian online casinos included in our featured listings offer a ripper amount of games, including table games like craps and blackjack. Players patronize no download online pokies in Australia for easy, fast access to live gaming action and convenience. Our featured list of the best online Australia pokies no download venues provide that by revealing the most desirable playing platforms. Do not waste another second. Register right now!

Free online pokies

The term "free" is perhaps one of the most wonderful words in the entire English language -- especially in the context of online pokies. Although many might not discern any apparent reason to play free online pokies when so many real-money games are available, many good reasons exist to do so. Free online pokies Australia players have the chance to try out various games to decide whether the bonuses, graphics, and game play on a site suit their needs and preferences before depositing any real cash. Thus, you can check out our list of top-ranked free online pokies to ensure that you choose a reputable virtual venue before pulling out your purse or wallet and giving any actual "moolah."
  • Hone your playing skills with free online pokies
  • Feel out various pokies' payout charts
  • Access bonus games risk-free
  • Learn pokies machine payout frequencies
Free online pokies Australia players also like to play free online pokies via a regular PC browser, as they can play pokies in the bush, provided there is an Internet hookup available. You may even relax around the Barbie with a cell phone or laptop and enjoy a free online pokies tournament for tons of fun. Many free online pokies players want to verify the jackpot payout frequency of various pokies machines at no cost. Free online pokies Australia players may do so by tracking their virtual winnings. Then, they can choose the highest-paying games when they start playing for actual cash. Online casinos that offer free online pokies always feature real-money play as well. This gives you the best of both worlds: Playing free online pokies just as you would for real cash, then choosing the best games to play for thrilling money-play action -- and profits. Playing free online pokies is also a wonderful way of passing time while checking out the many bonus features without having to risk any real cash in a traditional virtual gaming venue. Our list of the top free online pokies displays the best virtual casinos in which to enjoy your leisure time. We have scoured Cyberspace from end to end to identify these sites by reviewing dozens of virtual gaming establishments to be sure that we include only the cream of the crop in our list. In addition, we have fully evaluated the sign-up bonuses offered by each of our featured free online pokies. Of course, no bonus is available to free online pokies Australia players, but they may still take advantage of a bonus once they do actually register with a site. Finding your free pokies game online, only to learn that it is not offered at the virtual casino where you just made a big deposit is definitely not a good feeling! We have also verified allowable deposit methods for each of the free online pokies featured herein. If you play online pokies free and then want to switch to real-money play, it is best to have several easy avenues by which you may do so with ease. Finally, we analyzed specific software utilised at each of the free online pokies to make certain that we have included only those that offer the highest-quality free online pokies games in our featured list. So, what is your next step? It is easy! Just register with one of our featured free pokies online Australia to begin participating in some cashless gambling right now. Once you are finally ready for the excitement of wagering hard cash, simply make your first deposit and play for real money!

Pokies machines online

Instead of you spending precious time to find and spend your money at a virtual casino to learn whether or not it suits your, we have prepared an exclusive list of online casinos that feature the highest-quality games. Every game offered at any featured venue provides the very best variety, bonuses, and overall playing pleasure. Five-reel spins afford players a huge chance to win with numerous pay lines. Besides feature far more pay lines, five-reel devices typically have more bonus options and offer a chance to unlock free spins. Every featured web-based casino listed offers online poker machines with state-of-the-art software and all modern technological marvels. If you are a true pokies lover, you need look no further. Your satisfaction is guaranteed if you browse our reviews for any gaming website(s) you may be considering. We are well aware that you love the game. So do we. This is precisely why we detest the bad ones. Rest assured that none of those is included in our list of featured sites with the best online poker machines. You wanted the best, so now you HAVE Australia's very best.

Online poker machines

These virtual gaming devices have screens that display simulated reels and other such components with stunning clarity. This is among the most common online games and it provides players with the perfect chance to play and experience the cutting edge of virtual game play amidst stunning graphics.


Classic (aka "reel spin") virtual games have at least three reels that spin whenever you click the appropriate on-screen icon. Many of these online slot machines also have simulated coin slots.

Mega spin reel

This type of online poker machine lets you play several games simultaneously for maximum thrill and larger prizes.

Fruit slot machines

Enjoying these games to the fullest requires no lager. Derived from a once-popular English pub game called "Fruities," these spinning games feature a full dose of wit and British charisma along with a winning Gaming Club experience.

Types of pokies machines online

This Article discusses the most common types of poker machines that are currently available in both physical and virtual versions. We have gone to great lengths to explore the deepest and outermost reaches of the Internet to identify and classify these gaming devices. Why did we go to so much trouble? Well, you should be very glad to know that we expended such vast energy and effort all in an effort to assist you in identifying the best online poker machines ones that best suit your preferences -- and your pocketbook.

3-reel pokies

This pokie genre is the most traditional variety. Upon initial introduction to the marketplace, all 3-reel poker machines featured a trio of reels that would spin mechanically and reward each player in proportion to his or her original wager. Known variously as "Liberty Bells," the first type of 3-reel received quick patents and a variation of this format developed wherein the winning symbol combination was a row of three cherries. All of our featured 3-reel poker machines online are entirely comparable to those in any land-based gaming establishment.

5 reel pokies

With the exception of 2 extra reels, this automated pokies devices is identical to its 3-reeled kin. This mechanical addition makes it harder to line up winning combinations but it also equates to much more moolah when you do manage to win. Check out a few of the 5-reel poker machines within one or more of our featured online casino sites.

Jackpot pokies machines

Like its 3 and 5-reeled kin, the payoff for each winning combination is fixed in jackpot pokies machines. A significantly higher jackpot is the only distinction between ordinary and jackpot pokies.

Video pokies machines

We would definitely advise you to check out all the various types of online poker machines to learn which are the most appropriate for you. Most importantly, remember to have fun! After all, it is only a game.

Online progressive jackpot pokies

Progressive jackpot poker machines are favourites among our staff and Australia online casino players. (Keep in mind that we also play in our featured virtual venues). What does "progressive" mean? In contrast to ordinary pokies that pay out fixed sums for specific winning combinations, maximum progressive pokies jackpots constantly increase. This occurs because a tiny portion of all player bets made on such machines is set aside for subsequent inclusion in the progressive jackpot. Consequently, you will frequently encounter enormous jackpots that are winnable only if your line up a lucky symbol combination. Check out the progressive poker machines in one or more online casino sites featured herein.

What are the advantages of playing online pokies machines?

Exponentially greater payouts than a pub or club-based device is the primary advantage of online video pokies. Such incredible prizes are possible due to the much lower overhead of online casinos as compared to conventional clubs and pubs. Being able to play in the privacy and comfort of your home is another big benefit of Australia online pokies. You may sit at the big screen in your own chair in front of your own desk. Not only are all drinks much cheaper, but you may also smoke to your heart's content.

Is playing online pokies machines safe?

As far as being cheated out of your winnings goes, you have nothing to fear by selecting one of our featured sites. All of our featured online pokies have well-established reputations as legitimate and reliable establishments. In fact, I have personally played on these sites and have yet to hear a single complaint after getting feedback from literally hundreds of my fellow Australian online pokies players.

Progressive jackpot pokies

Progressive jackpots are cash prizes available in many online pokies that increase with the passage of time. Winning wagers in all other online casino games have fixed pay offs. An online blackjack player who wins a given hand always receives a payoff that is equal to the amount of his or her original bet. Progressive jackpot pokies feature a very different payback structure, however. Progressive jackpots are most prevalent among poker machines, although some other casino games may offer a constantly growing prize. This is particularly true of game upgrades and private-label versions of popular table games. Such prizes typically have pre-set reset values. This means that once a fortunate gamer wins a giant payoff, jackpot value reverts to a pre-determined minimum amount and starts a new growth cycle.

How progressive jackpot pokies work?

The process of winning a progressive pokies jackpot is straightforward. Suppose you decide to try for a massive windfall from a virtual pokies site. The machines' pay schedule lists the specific combination of symbols required for the ultimate win. Most progressive jackpot pokies have an electronic digital marquee that constantly changes as it displays the momentary current jackpot value. As most online pokies gamers are die-hard bonus hunters, the ever-larger numbers on digital progressive jackpots displays are real attention-grabbers. This attraction produces as snowball effect of sorts; the more online pokies players trying to win a progressive jackpot, the faster the maximum prize increases and the and bigger it gets. Such rapid prize growth in turn attracts even more gamblers as the entire cycle continues.

Trio of progressive jackpot pokies types


Stand-alones are much rarer and far less attractive than other progressive jackpot genres. Stand-alone progressive devices do not belong to a bigger network of other games or machines. Instead, the biggest fixed stand-alone progressive jackpot grows from tiny portions withheld from each wager made on that particular device or game. Slightly better odds are the sole advantage of playing stand-alone progressive jackpot pokies.


In-house progressive jackpot pokies are next on virtual gaming totem poles. With this type of progressive jackpot structure, certain machines or games are linked together within the same online casino without any connection to outside games or machines. In-house progressive prizes are more than stand-alone jackpots but lower than jackpots derived from numerous online pokies casinos.

Wide area

Wide area progressive jackpot pokies invariably feature the biggest ever-growing potential payoffs. As the title subsumes, such progressive jackpot games are linked into a network of other machines or games throughout a wide area that may include several different online casino venues or land-based and virtual gaming establishments across the globe. Significantly lower payback percentages are the primary drawback of wide area progressive jackpot pokies. Odds of winning any progressive pokies jackpot vary widely among online casinos and games. Statistically speaking, however, your chances of winning a wide area progressive jackpot are comparable to that of state or national lotteries. If the prospect of winning several million dollars does not deter you from going up against very long odds, then wide area progressive jackpot pokies are for you. If you want a more realistic chance to win and a more modest potential payoff does not disturb you, then go for stand-alone or in-house progressive jackpot pokies.

How online pokies work?

Whether you prefer to call them video slots, pokies, or slot machines, all such gaming devices work in the same basic manner. This Article provides an overview of the inner mechanical workings of both offline and online pokies machines. We hope that you can tilt the odds in your favour by gaining a greater understanding of these automated functions. An electronic device called a Random Number Generator ("RNG") is the "brain" of all pokies machines. RNGs generate millions of number combinations per second even when a machine is not in play. The particular numerical sequence that exists inside the RNG at the exact moment that you pulled the lever or click the "Spin" icon determines which symbols will display. Contrary to popular misperception, the RNG does not establish the overall payback percentage of a given machine or game. All numerical RNG output is completely random. This means that each possible number combination has the exact same chance to appear. The reel symbols actually determine payout percentage. Modern online pokies and live casino slot machines may have up to several hundred symbols per reel. The specific positions of those reel symbols are the sole determinant of overall payback percentage. Generally speaking, each reel has many more low-paying symbols than high-paying symbols. In most instances, jackpot symbols occur only once per reel in both offline and online pokies. Professional game developers utilise complex mathematical formulas to raise or lower a machine's average payback percentage through the addition or removal of certain symbols from specific reels. The net practical result of this technique is that a land-based or online pokies game may appear to have the identical interface as another but offer a very different overall payback percentage. Now that you have learned how offline and online Australia casino operators set payback percentages, let us analyze the practical effect of those percentages on players. Let us suppose that a certain game offers a payback rate of 95 percent. This does not indicate that it will always return 95 percent of the total amounts wagered. After all, what sane online pokies gamer would play at a guaranteed loss of 5 percent? Instead, overall average payback percentages denote a theoretical statistical figure based on millions of spins. Note that the operative word here is "millions." As a practical matter, no online pokies player ever achieves the stated payout percentage in one session or numerous sessions. Instead, net results of individual spins and play session vary widely. This is also precisely why online pokies are so much fun; you never know when your next spin might yield a big windfall. A very important point to remember is that you cannot do anything to alter the average payback of offline or online pokies machines. Reel symbol positions and RNGs never vary -- despite the amount of money you deposit or your betting level. Each spin has the exact same odds of winning as the previous and subsequent spin. The only true distinction between how online pokies and offline pokies work is that the game's RNG is hosted at the virtual casino instead of being physically located inside the machine. In all respects, conventional and online pokies work the same way.

How to play online pokies?

As offline and online pokies share many common game play aspects, seasoned pokies players should have no problems with virtual game versions. Therefore, this Article is for slot machines and pokies newcomers. The following discussion about how to play online pokies assumes that the reader already has all necessary software and a player account with an online casino.

Basic steps to play online pokies:

  1. Choose a game via the "Games" option on the player interface menu
  2. Decide what amount you wish to wager
  3. Click the "Spin" icon
  4. Watch the spinning reels for your final results
Choosing a game is simple; just log onto the virtual casino. Find the "Slots" section of the "Games" menu, as most online casinos refer to pokies as "slots." Next, click on your desired game and it will instantly load. We recommend that you review the game's pay table by clicking the "payout" or "view pays" icon. Rather than having to deposit cash for game credits, your available casino account balance automatically transfers to your chosen game. So, watch your balance while you play if you want to use some of your money for another game(s). With the exception of some progressive-jackpot games, all online pokies feature a range of betting levels and per-line coin wagers. For example, suppose you are at a 20-line game that offers a maximum per-line wager of ten credits. You may bet anywhere from 20 to 200 credits on each spin with all lines being active. Virtual gaming venues typically nominate credits as "coins," so we will do likewise. You may also choose the total number of lines on which you wish to wager by clicking the "lines" icon. You may also select the number of credits you want to bet on each line by clicking the "coins" icon. To bet the maximum number of coins, just click the "Max Bet" icon to start spinning the reels. Besides having the option to select the number of credits you want to bet on each line and the total number of lines to bet on, you may choose a coin denomination. Look for a section of the screen that displays a currency amount (i.e.; .01, .50). Clicking any displayed amount will show you all the options available for that specific game. After deciding on a per-spin betting level, just click the "Spin" icon to spin the reels. Your credit balance automatically increases each time the reels stop on a winning symbol combination. Games with a gamble feature allow you to double any win by clicking the "Gamble" icon. Some games display other icons like "Start Free Spins" or "Start Feature" that might display while you play. Other games may also feature a "Stop" icon to pause the reels if you want to play in Fast Mode. Most online pokies also feature various advanced options that may include stopping when the jackpot reaches a certain level or specifying a certain number of spins. Should you be uncertain about any game feature, all online pokies provide a "Help" section where players may learn more about any game, including details like playing rules, available bonuses, or progressive jackpot requirements.

Online pokies strategy

Following are some excellent pokies strategy tips to help you become a consistent winner at virtual video poker games.

Basic 3 and 5-reel pokies

You always have the best chance for the biggest win while playing this game. Proper device selection and bankroll management are the twin keys to success. Non-progressive versions of these basic games afford players the chance to rack up many small but frequent wins. Thus, if you like to spend a lot of time playing video pokies, this is your best bet. If you have a substantial bankroll, play the maximum number of coins on the maximum number of pay lines. You can maximize the odds of winning by employing this strategy for both three and five-reel machines. You may also take full advantage of various attractive bonus options that many video pokies offer. This approach is also a great way to add much more fun and excitement to your game. The bonus nodule usually appears as soon as you hit a certain symbol combination. You can get a few spins in for free that may let you win back about 10% of your original bet.

Progressive video pokies

These games feature as many variations as ordinary slot machines and a lot of gaming establishments currently offer progressive video pokies. If you want to make the best bet to win, this is your perfect option. All you have to do is increase the amount of your bets to enhance your odds of winning. In order to have a chance at winning the progressive jackpot, you must bet the maximum amount possible. Microgaming offers one of the biggest and best video slot games that feature 11 games in six different slot machine genres. PlayTech also offers a great selection of almost ten jackpots and seven different slot machine formats. Besides these, you can find many Cryptologic and RTG-powered virtual casinos. Both types offer slot machines with progressive jackpots that often reach astronomical levels.

Getting the most out of the best pokies strategy

One of the beauties of this game is that you may use more than one playing strategy. Even seemingly minor tips can enhance your wins dramatically. To begin playing, simply click the "Spin" icon. You can never be certain of any pokie's payout level during the next few playing rounds, even if it just paid out a tidy sum. All pokies - whether offline or online -- operate on a Random Number Generator that calculates millions of random number combinations per second. These numerical combos determine the reels' final stopping point for each spin. Be very attentive to the total coinage that you are consuming throughout each playing session. If you go the progressives route, you would be well advised to play the maximum per-spin bet consistently. If you pick the basic games, then you are limited to fixed jackpot payouts. While playing basic slots, be sure that the virtual machine offers good options for big wins. If you do not think you can afford the maximum bet, look for other online pokies. Look for a minimum payout percentage of 96 percent.

Online pokies tips

One of the harsher realities of gaming life is that no one can predict with 100 percent accuracy precisely when offline or online pokies machines are in a pay mode. By following our simple tips for online pokies, you can win more often than you lose, however. Following are some online pokies tips to help enhance your odds of winning at this exciting virtual game. Please note that all helpful hints are equally applicable to ordinary slot machines as well. By keeping these ideas in mind during the heat of "pokies battle," we have cashed out of many web-based pokies numerous times with hundreds of extra dollars to our name.
  1. Online pokies do have "pay" and "non-pay" cycles. Thus, if your machine does not pay out for a while, cut your losses and go on to another machine.
  2. Alter your stake at frequent intervals. This sounds easy, but if you bet five credits per line, for instance, the pokies machine calculates a specific return for that spin based solely on your betting stake.  Regular stake adjustments (we once did it every spine) can let you "feel out" a machine very easily. It might be paying out only small amounts or it may pay out big. Despite what happens, changing stakes will let you determine whether it will pay out small wins, big wins, or no wins.
  3. Follow the "50/50 Rule" faithfully. Most online pokies have a "double up" feature that gives you the opportunity to double any win. This is the sole chance for an opportunity to win based on a completely random outcome. Most double up features typically offer something like the choice to choose between a red card and a black card. If your choice matches the pre-set concealed option, then the amount of your win doubles. Thus, you have a 50/50 chance of doubling your win. Therefore, virtual pokies Tip #3 is to always gambling on the 50/50!  You do not have to be a mathematician to recognize that doing this for every win shifts the odds slightly in your favour.
  4. HOTTEST TIP!! Play pokies online! Virtual slot machines offer much better odds than their physical counterparts in hotels, clubs, and pubs do. Stop and think about it: Pokies in your local haunt are essentially money machines that rake in revenue for the business. Downloadable pokies offer much higher payout percentages, as operator overhead is much, much lower. So, do yourself a favour and stick to downloadable online pokies.
  5. Collect your winnings and keep them safe! This point is crucial. If, for example, you cash out $200 in winnings after starting with just $100, put $100 back in your pocket and forget it is there. This is an obvious online pokies tip ;).
You can do the same thing just as easily with downloadable pokies, since you may cash out at any point. If you wish to continue playing, just deposit more money. Do NOT touch your winnings, however! You can greatly enhance your odds of winning by following the above online pokies tips.

Frequently asked questions

Are these sites secure?

Yes, most definitely! Each of our featured online pokies sites safeguards your personal identification and financial information with 100 percent security via the use of the latest full server encryption technologies. Thus, you may enjoy playing pokies without worry about hackers or cyber theft.

Is playing online pokies safe?

Yes! As our website servers are 100 percent secure and every game offered is as straightforward and transparent as Las Vegas casino games, there are no "tricks," traps, snares, or gimmicks. Just tons of pure online pokies enjoyment! We admonish all of our players to practice responsible gaming and fully encourage those who feel as though their gambling activities may be adversely affecting their lives to investigate various available resources for assistance.

Is playing online pokies fun?

Absolutely! We take hundreds of real casino-style games and the full excitement of winning actual cash right into your home. So just grab a cold one and sit down to play in your pajamas whenever you wish!

Is it possible to win?

It most definitely is! The greatest thing about online pokies is that you get to play for real stakes. While visiting your favorite online club, take time to check out the Winners Board to review the most recent and biggest wins!

How may I go about playing featured games?

Choosing an online casino from our featured list is the first step to getting into any game. Clicking the link displayed for each featured casino immediately takes you to the appropriate website. You may then tour the virtual casino, sign up for a player account, download and install the required software, and begin playing your desired game(s).

Is it possible to play free pokies?

Yes, it is. All of our featured pokies offer a free-money edition (except for some of the progressive jackpot games). To play free online pokies, choose a casino from the featured list and set up a guest or free account. You are then all set to check out any game you want to for as long as you wish while in Free Mode.

What payback percentage do online pokies offer?

Internet casino operators seldom publish game-specific payback percentages. Instead, they publish a cumulative payout percentage based on all offered games. Based on research over the last several years, this aggregate payout figure averages out to roughly 97 percent. This percentage is substantially greater than that of most conventional pokies at physical gambling establishments.

Are the odds of winning in Real-Money mode the same as in Free Mode?

Yes they are. In fact, one of the requirements for inclusion in our featured list is equal odds for real-money and free-play mode. For this reason, you must have a live Internet connection to play even in free mode, since both types of games are linked to the same gaming server.

Is playing online pokies safe?

Yes. On-site security is of the highest possible level on all of our featured gaming sites. Each website listed utilizes the most recent encryption technologies to safeguard your personal and financial data.

Are online pokies fair?

Yes. Every one of our featured online pokies sites utilize reliable software vendors and have periodic independent audits of their payout schedules and games. TST and eCOGRA are just two of those independent auditing firms.

Can I review my gaming history?

Yes. Each one of our featured virtual casinos has a game history feature that allows any player to see the outcome of every spin that they have ever made. This special nodule is available only in the real money mode, however.

Are there any Mac-compatible pokies games online?

Download online casinos are not Mac-compatible unless explicitly stated otherwise. All featured casinos offer a Flash-based no-download game version that is Mac-compatible, however.

Is it possible to play pokies offline?

You must be on an active Internet connection to play, as software that interacts with a gaming server is required to play even Free Mode games.

Are those huge progressive pokies jackpots real?

Yes! You quite literally have the chance to win several million dollars from the palm of your hand or the privacy of your own home. As of this writing, the all-time highest jackpot payout stands at $6,374,434.000. A Microgaming Mega Moolah player won this tidy sum in 2009. Jackpots of this size are not won very often, but numerous smaller jackpots are paid out weekly.

How do progressive jackpot winners get their money?

Every progressive jackpot win is paid in the form of one lump sum, so if you hit a huge online pokies jackpot, you get all of your money straight away. This is in stark contrast to many of the larger land-based gaming establishments that pay multi-million-dollar jackpots out as installment payments over a long period of time.


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